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Florida regulators approve plan to gut ...

The 5 Biggest Clean Energy Turkeys of 2014


Since BuzzFeed has already captured the market for the dumbest things ever said on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of … 
Curated by Marie Stambaugh

A 2014 Solar Industry Thanksgiving


There’s plenty to complain about in our solar world, but I’d like right now to take a few paragraphs to say what I’m … 
Curated by Ralph Bradshaw

What Cleantech Should Be Thankful For


What should the cleantech industry be thankful for this year? According to Rick Thompson, Greentech Media’s co- … 
Curated by Michael Fong

Good prospects for heat pumps in Europe


The heat pump market is recovering. This is the conclusion reached in a new study by the European Heat Pump Association … 
Curated by Michael Fong

So your Radiometer stopped working...


So your Radiometer stopped working...

Radiometers, or as people who come into our store describe it: “That thing that spins in a bulb in sunlight” are a … 
Curated by Rachel Carlson

Calendar House Friday


Calendar House Friday

On Friday 21st November Louisa Hollely, Partner and Head of our Criminal Team, attended the Business Collective’s 3rd … 
Curated by Michael Watts

Nicaragua exportará más energía


Los representantes de la industria del sector eléctrico están coordinando acciones para promover la exportación de … 
Curated by Michael Fong


Solar Storm Forecast 11-27-2014

Curated by Dorothy Earley





GeoPower Global Congress -- From front- end to O&M: Derisk the development of global geothermal power and heat projects

3–4 December 2014, Istanbul, Turkey  details →

Solar Power Generation USA 2015 -- Dedicated to US Solar

4–5 February 2015, San Diego, United States  details →

World Biomass Power Markets 2015 -- The World's Premier Biomass Power Event

17–19 February 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands  details →

Offshore Wind Power USA 2015 -- A New Era for US Offshore Wind

24–25 February 2015, Boston, MA, United States  details →

World Bio Markets 2015 -- Where the bio- economy meets to do business

10–12 March 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands  details →

Solar Power Generation Central America --

26–27 March 2015, Panama City, Panama  details →

Solar Power Generation Mexico 2015 -- The Meeting Point for the Mexican Solar Industry since 2011

19–20 May 2015, World Trade Center, Mexico  details →

Solar Power Generation Europe -- Critical Cost Reduction Strategy for Operational Solar Assets

18–19 November 2014, Milan, Italy  details →